Der Rock-N-Pop-Youngsters 2009 Sampler als kostenloser Download.

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Red Iguana - Jetzt oder nie.mp3
Stage Affair - Wake Up.mp3
Chasing Lights - Crash.mp3
Mr Virgin And His Love Army - Deadbeat City.mp3
Pretty Bored - Round.mp3
Cabooze - Captain Awesome.mp3
Der Dreckige Rest - Wenn ich gewusst haette.mp3
Ranzfeld und Derbach - Nukular.mp3
Circlends - Jetzt.mp3
Wanted - Living For My State.mp3
The Döftels - Burn Baby Burn.mp3
Funk You - Don't Hesitate.mp3
Jim Panse and The Fuddler - The Feeling Of Uncertainty.mp3
Raising Finix - Killer.mp3
Rise To Fall - Denied.mp3
Black Balloon - Gone.mp3

RUST - Golden Age.mp3
Jovian Spin - Rubberneck.mp3
Sever - Zero Human.mp3
Awake The Mutes - A Bit Closer To Heaven.mp3
Brainlezz - We Have The Fun.mp3
Säm Buca - Dismember The Illusion.mp3
Wayke - I-Rational-Flow (Rough Mix).mp3
The Guys From Liverpool - Can You Feel Me.mp3
Syndrion - Scraping The Skies.mp3
Braindeath - All Your Gods.mp3
Anterior Dawn - Factory Of Tears.mp3